Feel Safer In Your Home

Get an HVAC inspection, Electrical inspection & Roof inspection in Midlothian & Orland Park, IL or surrounding areas

Homes possess a lot of complicated systems that require frequent checkups and maintenance. You can turn to Berens Property Inspections, LLC in Midlothian & Orland Park, IL to discover any problems that might be going undetected. Our services, such as electrical inspections, are especially helpful for older homes that might have more outdated appliances and fixtures.

Worried your heating or cooling system won't last through the season? Schedule an HVAC inspection today to prevent a sudden system failure.

What's included?

When you get a maintenance and safety inspection from us, you'll receive the following:

  1. An HVAC inspection
  2. A plumbing inspection
  3. An electrical inspection
  4. A roof inspection

Your inspector will also give you a home maintenance book that will help you monitor your home's systems. The price of a four-point maintenance and safety inspection starts at $275. Contact us at 708-990-6853 to get a free estimate.