Are Your Power Bills Unreasonably High?

Discover why with an energy audit in the Midlothian & Orland Park, IL area

You can ensure your current or prospective home is safe and energy-efficient when you request an energy audit with your home inspection. Berens Property Inspections, LLC in Midlothian & Orland Park, IL can save you time and money by performing a home energy audit and inspection at the same time.

During your energy audit, we will use an infrared camera to detect air leaks that may be reducing your home's energy efficiency. You'll receive a detailed energy report identifying all the problem areas we find.

Ready to improve your homes energy efficiency? Contact us today to get started.

Benefits of an energy audit

Following an energy audit, you'll know how to decrease your overall energy consumption. Making these changes will result in:

  • Increased home value
  • Decreased energy bills
  • Reduced environmental impact

Pricing for a home energy audit and inspection bundle starts at $649. Call us now at 708-990-6853 to get a free estimate.