We Can Focus on Specific Areas of Concern

Schedule a roof inspection for your home in the Midlothian & Orland Park, IL area

If you're worried about a specific problem in your home, you don't need to request a general inspection. Berens Property Inspections, LLC in Midlothian & Orland Park, IL offers more specialized services, such as roof inspections, to cover any areas of concern. A lot of home features can deteriorate over time, especially those exposed to the elements, but an inspection can determine if they're still safe and sturdy.

Did you recently find water damage in your home? Get a leak inspection ASAP to identify the source.

Find the right service to meet your needs

When a whole-home inspection isn't what you're looking for, you can request a:

  • Deck inspection-to inspect your deck, porch and/or patio
  • Leak inspection-to determine the source of water damage
  • Roof inspection-to make sure your roof is structurally sound and roof certifications
  • Garage inspection-to check the roof, structural integrity, electricity and doors

Identifying any issues early on will prevent more expensive repairs in the future. Pricing for each of these services starts at $175. Call us now at 708-990-6853 to get a free estimate.